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Staycation? Get that resort feel at home

It looks like we might be enjoying more staycations again this year...and what better excuse than to get our home feeling like a luxurious getaway?

While there's nothing we can do that will truly replicate that out-of-body feeling you get at a lavish resort (which must be some kind of combination between jet lag, multiple massages and a cocktail or three) we can certainly create some spaces in our home that will help us feel we've gotten away from it all.

macrame hammock by sea tribe australia

Get in your zone

While we're all for transforming your entire home into an opulent spa, you might not have the time (or budget), or it might not work so well with young children and other family members around!

So try and pick a zone you can use for your "resort space" - it doesn't need to be big.  A little pocket of the garden or a rarely used balcony would work a treat.

Set the scene

What do you think of when you imagine your ideal resort space?  Is it a contemporary beachside hotel, with coastal decor in whites and blues; a modern boho villa deep in the dessert decorated in tonal earthy shades; or maybe a lush treehouse high in the mountains in Bali, surrounded by timber and traditional art?

If you're not sure, spend a bit of time creating a mood board on Pinterest so you can get an idea of what your ideal resort feel is - the colours and textures that make you feel truly relaxed.

outdoor living space cushions by sea tribe australia

Get to work

A little work now will make all the relaxing later worth it.  See what you can do in your resort space to bring your dreams to reality - even a good clean, bit of weeding or a lick of paint can make all the difference.

Then you can easily create a totally different look with a feature piece of furniture such as a bohemian side table next to a luxurious arrangement of cushions; a coastal style deck chair under an umbrella; or (the ultimate!) a hanging chair or lazy hammock under a green canopy.

Relaxation station

Now the fun part - tell everyone you're heading to an amazing new resort this weekend and you're not to be bothered.  And enjoy!