How to get your home ready for Autumn – Sea Tribe
How to get your home ready for Autumn

The change of seasons is always a good opportunity to look at what's working in your home, and what you can do now to help you enjoy the months ahead.

Aside from a general clean, you might want to freshen up any throw blankets or heavier linen you've stored away over Spring and Summer - simply hang them in the sun for a few hours to naturally disinfect them and have them smelling beautiful.

Same goes for your pillows and quilts / doonas - a few hours in the sun will freshen them up and help keep them naturally clean.

sea tribe throw blanket and cushions mustard

It's also a good time to look at your existing decor and see what's working for you - if you've been working a whiter/lighter colour scheme over the warmer months you might like to introduce some warmer, earthier tones such as mustard and ochre, to encourage a cosy feel as the weather cools down.

sea tribe cushion and throw blanket

As the days become shorter and the air chillier, adding some candles and extra cushions will provide a cool-weather sanctuary when you start spending more time indoors.  Earthy tones and natural fibres will also provide an autumnal mood perfect for the new season.

shell decor candle holder by sea tribe

Finally, the start of a new season is a wonderful time to look at the finishing touches that really make a house a home - if you're tired of looking at the same mantlepiece or coffee table display, now is a great chance to move things around or bring previously loved pieces out of storage.

Sometimes something as simple as changing up a few decorative pieces can give your living space an entirely new feel, making you fall in love with it all over again.