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How to create the bedroom of your dreams
Whether you're planning a renovation, or simply looking to make your bedroom more dreamworthy, there are a few ways to ensure it's the perfect space for rest & relaxation.  Here are some of our favourite tips:


Create softness


While bedding and cushions will generally provide a lot of softness to a room, you need to balance out the other "harder" surfaces in your bedroom such as furniture and window frames to make the space truly relaxing.


You can do this with the use of soft, sheer curtains, plush area rugs, cosy throw blankets or even indoor plants.


neutral bedroom palette


Layer lighting


Make sure you have a few different sources of lighting - we like at least 3 but more can be better!  This is not only functional for example, you might want brighter light when cleaning or to assess an outfit in the mirror, more direct lighted light for reading, or softer light just before bedtime - but it also allows you to create different moods in your bedroom.


Assess whatever natural light you have available, and look to add in a combination of overhead lights (with dimmers), floor lamps, table lamps, wall sconces and even candles to help you achieve the perfect lighting for every activity.


Calming colours


For a calming, restful space, avoid bold, primary colours in the bedroom. 


To create a sense of relaxation, we recommend gentle hues of blue or green which are considered serene, while a rich, jewel-toned palette can create a feeling of coziness and comfort. 


Alternatively, earthy tones will feel grounding, giving the space a sense of security.


blue and white bedroom

Smart storage

Keep your room feeling serene by keeping as many mundane objects out of sight as possible.


If you don't have much cupboard or drawer space, think about using shallow tubs under your bed for any items you don't use frequently, attractive storage baskets for odds and ends, or a trunk or storage bench at the foot of your bed for linen or off-season clothing.


Don't let it be the dumping ground


All too often the bedroom ends up being a dumping ground for the things no one feels like dealing with - think laundry, items to be donated, unused exercise equipment...


Take a stand and don't allow your bedroom to become the dumping ground for your household - keep items to be donated in the boot of your car, sell them on marketplace or book a regular council clean up for any unwanted items.


Try not to allow laundry to build up by putting it in its place each day - once you get in the habit of doing it daily it won't become an unsurmountable mountain.


white bedroom decor


Give it some love


While we don't recommend having a bedroom overstuffed with trinkets, do make sure to include some things you love to create a warm, personal space. 


Whether that's a blanket that's been in your family for generations, some meaningful artwork, or simply some decor you love to look at - having pieces in your room that speak to you will make sure its a space you love to spend time in.