Give your walls a little love – Sea Tribe
Give your walls a little love

When we look to refresh a space, we often look towards soft furnishings and small accent pieces to change the look and feel of a room. But when was the last time you took a good look at your walls?

What you have on display on your walls can totally change the feel of your living spaces; whether you simply swap around your existing pieces, or add some new items to much loved older pieces.

Here are some of our favourite pieces to inspire you to change up your walls for a fresh new look.

Fresh prints

Prints are, of course, an obvious choice for your walls.  Moody & sultry or fresh & bright, they're an affordable way to make a statement.

wall art prints by sea tribe australia

See the seaside

Decorating your walls with coastal inspired materials, such as shells, is a gorgeous way to bring the seaside into your home and will work so well with modern boho and coastal decor styles.

moon shaped shell decor by sea tribe australia

Hat trick

Using hats as wall art if the prefect marriage of form meeting function.  Straw hats can provide beautiful texture and contrast to an otherwise boring wall; having a designated space to hang your hat means you'll always be able to find it when you're heading to the beach.

straw hat wall art sea tribe australia

We hope we've given you a few new ideas to show your walls some love - they're a huge part of your home (literally!) so giving them a little attention will work wonders in creating a cohesive home for you and your family.